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One of the leading industrial furniture manufacturer in Eastern Europe

Unique machinery

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Quality regardless of order size

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Reliable heavy-duty shelving

Mobile shelving for archives

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Locker rooms

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What we do

We design, manufacture and sell high-quality specialized furniture, covering the entire production cycle from design to installation. Our products make comfortable work and public spaces. They are functional, reliable, and will please you with their design.


Our furniture is used in our own offices, workshops and warehouses on a daily basis. We like having our products where we can see and use them. They inspire us to create new ones.


Our company has been in the market for a long time. We have much to be proud of and lots to show. However, we continue achieving new heights, believing that there’s always room to grow.

Individual Approach

Here at DiKom, we believe in honest and open relations with our partners, staff, and clients. We care for the people with whom we work.

What we

Industrial furniture

Heavy-industry, industrial, and garage workbenches, tool cabinets, cabinets, carts, tool storage systems, ESD anti-static furniture.

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ESD furniture

Antistatic ESD furniture series designed for working with electronics. DiKom anti-static ESD furniture complies with national and international ESD furniture regulations.

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Wardrobes, lockers, sports facility lockers and benches.

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Metal racks

Shelving for the house and garage, balcony, shops, industrial premises, and warehouses. Shelving systems for tires and disk wheels. Slanted shelving. Pallet shelving, shelving with roll-out platforms for bulk and heavy cargo, cantilever shelving for long product storage.

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Office furniture

Archive, office, document, and file cabinets, drivers, desks, and ergonomic chairs.

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