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Cupboards with side-opening doors

Cupboards with side-opening doors are designed to facilitate the storage of documents, clothing, and other office items. The side-opening doors do not require additional space to open. 
Where to use: office, bank, HR department, accounting.

KD-141 and KD-142 cupboards

Document cupboards with one or two removable shelves. Can be used as office partitions.

  • A chipboard tabletop may be optionally installed on top. Available colours: «light beech», «chocolate oak».
  • The retaining magnets offer an additional lock.
  • Door colour: grey, beech, cherry.
Maximum load per shelf:
50 kg
from 508.11 €

KD-144 Cupboards

Two-door cupboard with 4 shelves. Can also be used as a locker. In this case, select the KD-144K Locker model. A combined model with a clothes compartment is also available — the KD-144K Combined.

  • Choose from three model options: for storing folders, storing clothes, or a combined option.
  • The retaining magnets offer an additional lock.
  • Door colour: grey, beech, cherry.
Maximum load per shelf:
50 kg
from 860.08 €

Advantages of DiKom cupboards with side-opening doors

Quality German lamels

We use plastic lamel-blinds from the German manufacturer Rehau. They have successfully passed a series of technical tests for durability and smooth running. When open, cupboard doors stay hidden in the side walls, saving room space.

Retaining magnets

In addition to the key lock, the cupboards are equipped with retaining magnets. They keep the doors closed even when they are not locked.

Wooden tabletops

The edges of the tops aren’t simply glued, they’re literally «fused in» using the LazerTec technology. Tightly sealed edges considerably increase the service life of the product.

We offer 3 door colours and 2 tabletop textures

The door lamels can be chosen in simple grey or in natural colors such as «beech» and «cherry». Wooden table tops come in «light beech» and «chocolate oak».

Functional models

You can order an office cupboard with side-opening doors and a tabletop for one or two of the shelves. The cupboard can also be used as an office divider. The tall unit of the KD-144 model comes in three options: for storing documents and things; as a locker for storing clothes; as a combined version for both documents and clothes.


Side-opening doors don’t take up any space, which prevents an open door from interfering with anyone’s work. They also prevent the door from hitting anyone. You can open several adjacent cupboards and keep them open throughout the day to work with documents and folders. Such cupboards are also ideal for smaller classrooms, corridors, and narrow premises.


The cupboard and shelves are made of 0.8/1.2 mm thick metal and produced on modern European equipment. Maximum shelf load is 50 kg.

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