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Office desks

Office desks and combined workstations are specifically designed to organize convenient and comfortable work areas. Thanks to different available materials and tabletop sizes, the desk adjusts to your working style, not the other way around.
Where to use: office, bank, design studio, design-bureau.

Office tables

We have developed different kinds of workstations desks for one to four employees.

  • 25 mm chipboard tabletop: available in «chocolate oak» or «light beech».
  • Can be supplemented with a lower panel installed below the desk, or a partition installed on the tabletop.
  • Office cabinets and system unit holders can also be purchased separately.
750 mm
1400, 1600, 1800 mm
800 mm
from 330.80 €

Advantages of DiKom office desks

Durable and beautifully-designed tabletops

The edges of the tops aren’t simply glued on, they’re literally «fused in» using the LazerTec technology. Tightly sealed edges considerably increase the service life of the product.

Tabletops are made of 25 mm chipboard. Available in two colors — «light beech» and «chocolate oak» — and three sizes.

System unit holder

Made of metal similar in style to the desks.


Metal panels can be installed on all desks. The upper panel acts as a divider for employees, while the bottom one covers the space below the desk.

All-purpose cabinets

Made to match the style of the desks. The top panel matches the tabletop. The casing is made of metal. All drawers close on a shared German-made lock.

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