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Company History

25 years is a lot. We’ve come a long and interesting way since then. Over time, our small manufacture grew into 10 hectares of workshops and our individual accomplishments attained a reputation we can be proud of.

However, we definitely know that our story does not end there. In fact, it’s just getting started, and all the best still lies ahead!

The building on Finlandskaya Street housed our sales office.
Some workshops were located in the vocational school building in the centre of Kolpino, Saint Petersburg.
Other workshops became situated in a sport shooting club near Tsarskoe Selo. One end of this long building was taken up by target shooters, while DiKom workers assembled metal furniture on the other end.

November 3, 1992 — The birthday of DiKom

The country was going through a rough time. Financing and other resources were scarce, but we tried to work with what we had. We started out on 3 separate rented sites using simple Soviet equipment for manufacturing uncomplicated products.

First products: office furniture.

A place of our own

February 1996 became a turning point for the company. We finally got our own manufacturing site. It was a factory half-ruined in the aftermath of the country’s crisis in the early 90s. While its facilities had been left unguarded, part of the equipment was left standing outside and valuable metals disappeared without a trace. Everything from the water supply system to the windows was in need of replacement. Administrative offices had to be built. However, we found that “When there is a will, there is a way.”

New products: wardrobes.

Building reconstruction

The factory building was gradually restored. Despite the country’s crisis, we modernized our facilities for the first time and replaced the outdated Soviet equipment.

We now started working on the leading Russian, Belarus, Ukrainian, and Latvian equipment.

New products: light shelving units.

10th anniversary

The company celebrated its 10th anniversary in high spirits. The product range had widened considerably and enjoyed demand, while the number of our regular customers and partners steadily increased.

This was also the year when we realized the need for further modernization.

Modernizing the Factory

As our production grew and developed, it required more premises — from a modern sales office to additional warehouses and new equipment.

We supplied our workshops with:

  • Finnish “Finn-Power” equipment for furniture detail production
  • Italian “Salvagnini” automated line for metal cutting and panel production.
  • two “Ideal-Line” automated finishing lines.

These costs were justified, as one modern machine can replace several old ones, saving both time and human resources.

New factory construction

As part of further expansion, we purchased 8.7 hectares of land in the village of Telman, near the existing factory. The construction of a new production and warehouse complex is presently under way here.

Third stage of modernization

After the second stage of modernization was complete, the profits from working on modern machinery became obvious. We decided not to stop at that, but find the very best equipment.

We first bought the «Iron» automated shelf production line, but after a couple of years replaced it with the leading «WEMO» and «Gasparini» equipment.

Our equipment is among the most innovative in Russia and includes machinery from Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Finland.

Our 20th anniversary

A company’s anniversary is a time for summarizing its achievements, making further plans, and thanking the team for all their hard work.

We realized that putting modernization, production improvement and client service first is the right way to go.

Not only metal

For the production of more complex and sophisticated products we acquired machinery for wood processing and working with aluminum. Together with the laser machinery, these formed a whole new, innovative workshop in our factory.

Now there are lots of opportunities for designers’ imagination to roam free and create furniture from different materials. Who knows, perhaps our “metal furniture factory” may soon need a different name!

New products: Office desks.

Furniture for industries — a step forward

Thanks to the new welding systems, we were able to make a serious step forward in creating industrial tool furniture. Our VL and VS series furniture is technically comparable to its very best European equivalents.

We also successfully tried our hand at something new and launched the manufacture of anti-static furniture.


Oh, did we mention having out-of-this-world plans?

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