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Other products: Plastic Containers and Partitions, Perforated Panel Accessories, and Industrial Office Chairs

We offer not only individual products but also everything you need to arrange a convenient workspace.

A-series plastic containers

  • A-series plastic container — stackable for easy storage and transport.
  • Classic shape for conveniently storing small bulk cargo.
  • Also available in ESD, made from anti-static plastic.
Side thickness:
2 mm
Load capacity:
40 kg
from 9 €

B-series plastic containers

  • Rigid structure: stackable.
  • Using partitions you can create additional storage compartments inside the drawer.
  • Also available in ESD, made from anti-static plastic.
Side thickness:
3 mm
Load capacity:
40 kg
from 2.91 €

Plastic partitions for cupboard and cabinet drawers

Cubic and cylindrical partitions for convenient tool storage. Can be manufactured from antistatic plastic (ESD). Sold in sets based on drawer size. Set-01 for Type-01 cabinets, Set-02 for Type-02 cabinets. Type-03 cabinets require two Sets-01.

  • A label can be placed into each cubic partition.
  • Cylindrical partitions can be sepa-rated with labeled partitions.

Perforated Panel Accessories

All-purpose accessories for DiKom cabinets, workbenches, cupboards, and trolleys.

  • Easy to install using hooks.
  • Can be fastened additionally with screws.
  • VS shelves hold up to 40 kg.


Ergonomic and comfortable Treston chairs (made in Finland) will help you maintain a healthy spine at work. Designed for complex manufacturing environments and have high abrasion resistance.

  • Black polyurethane seats and backrests have high wear resistance and are easy to clean.
  • Come with mechanical height and tilt adjustment of the seat and backrest.
  • Castors lock when not in use.
Maximum load:
120 kg

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