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VL Tool Cupboards

Comfortable and roomy tool storage cabinets for use in workshops, garages, and industries. Made of sturdy sheet steel and quality components.

DiKom VL Tool Cupboards

Designed for tool storage in workshops and garages. Include shelves, perforated panels and drawers.

  • A 24 mm plywood tabletop can be installed on the VL-051 tool cupboard.
  • Accessories are easy to install on our perforated panels.
  • Two-point locking system.
  • EURO-LOCKS (Germany) locking system.
Maximum load per drawer:
40 kg
Maximum load per shelf:
80 kg
1000, 2000 mm
1024 mm
625 mm

VL/B Tool Cupboards

Budget-priced option. Smaller sized.

  • EURO-LOCKS (Germany) locking system.
  • Two-point locking system.
  • Accessories are easy to install on our perforated panels.
Maximum load per drawer:
40 kg
Maximum load per shelf:
80 kg
1820 mm
870 mm
550 mm

Advantages of DiKom VL-series tool cupboards


Our standard VL tool cupboard size is 625 mm. This allows you to easily fill it with the right plastic storage containers (for example KLT-standard). The cupboard height, width (H 2000 mm, W 1024 mm) and weight are 10% greater than on similar products by other Russian manufacturers.

Welded drawers

Welded drawers are more reliable than collapsible ones. They give greater rigidity to the product. We make our drawers using modern welding systems. Maximum dynamic load per drawer — 40 kg. Drawers are mounted on full extension guides.

Internal dimensions correspond to common Eurostandard tool and container sizes (in increments of 17 mm).

A useful way to organize

You can fill drawers with plastic containers, partition materials, or special anti-slip mats. This way you’ll always have the necessary tools at hand.

German EURO-LOCKS locking system

Products come with quality German EURO-LOCKS locking systems (500 combinations) and a two-point locking system.

High quality coating

We coat our industrial furniture with TEKNOS (Finland) epoxy powder paint. Epoxy powder paint is more resistant to mechanical stress and aggressive fluids (electrolyte, brake fluid, solvent, etc.).

Products are painted automatically on our modern Ideal Line painting line equipped with the Wagner painting chamber (allows to quickly change paint colour). The product surface is prepared using Henkel formulas.

Durable hinges: plastic + metal

Our cupboard doors are supplied with reliable and durable hinges. We use plastic bushings and metal axles both on the upper and lower hinge. This excludes friction between the metal axle and the metal door. It also allows elements to wear out less and increases the product’s lifespan.

Thick metal

Made of high quality 0.8/1.2/2 mm. thick metal. Thick metal guarantees product durability and reliability and makes it long-lasting. Maximum load on the cupboard — 500 kg.

Our steel supplier is Verkhnevolzhsky SMC (DiPos) — the leading Russian steel supply center. All steel is flattened and straightened by the supplier.

Round locking rods

Our cupboards have round locking rods which securely lock the door at the top and bottom. Many Russian manufacturers use flat locking rods which often have trouble fitting into the opening and provide difficulties when closing the door.

Convenient accessories

Perforated panels are supplemented with tool holders, shelves, and containers of various size. Accessories are easy to attach using hooks and are secured with screws. A 24 mm plywood tabletop can be installed on the VL-051 tool cupboard.

Easy to assemble

DiKom cupboard parts are all precisely cut, so you do not have to bend or modify them during assembly. All bends are made on modern European equipment. Screw holes are closed with plugs.

Attention to detail

DiKom tool cupboards are thought out all the way through and take into account all the requirements necessary for industrial furniture. For example, our doors come with two-way dampers, which means they never rattle.

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