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SR-M ESD Workstations

DiKom Workstations are designed for working with electronic equipment and radio-electronics. All elements possess anti-static qualities in compliance with modern standards of ESD protection.
Workstations are height-adjustable. Products can be supplemented with a communications box, LED lighting, antistatic accessories and/or drawers.

SR-M ESD Workstations

Made for working with radio-electronics and electrical equipment.

  • Advantageous price, functional product.
  • Mechanically height-adjustable from 665 to 965 mm (in 30 mm increments).
  • Made in two options: regular industrial and anti-static.
  • Four types of Tabletops are available: 24 mm chipboard, 24 mm chipboard covered with galvanized metal sheet, anti-static 24 mm chipboard, MDF covered with anti-static plastic.
  • May be supplemented with a perforated panel, lighting, communications box, and other accessories.
  • All metal elements are coated with finnish anti-static paint.
Maximum load on the workstation:
300 kg
Maximum load on the perforated panel:
100 kg
665-965 mm
1035, 1535, 2035 mm
700 mm
from 299.04 €


Proven Anti-Static Qualities

Products are compliant with GOST Р 53734.5.1-2009 standards and have all the necessary documentation. Each element possesses anti-static properties.

A Wide Selection of Tabletops

ESD Tabletops are made of special German-made anti-static material. We also provide a budget model — an MDF Tabletop covered with ESD plastic. Regular chipboard tabletops can be supplemented with anti-static accessories.

Finnish Conductive Paint

Processing takes place on our modern automatic painting line under strict control.

The coating is durable, attractive, and most importantly, it fully complies with the latest standards for ESD-protection.

Communications Box with Several Compartments

Can be installed on or below the perforated panel. Consists of 2 or 3 compartments, depending on the panel size. Compartments may be filled with partitions for adapters, circuit breakers, or air ventilation. Partitions with adapters can be filled with sockets, switches or a set of power outlets.

Unique Lighting Design

Energy-saving 1200 Lx. LED lighting provides the necessary illumination. You can adjust the brightness and angle of the lighting. It also includes an on/off button. The lighting is certified as electromagnetic compatible (in accordance with Russian standards). It is suitable for all kinds of electrical work.

Durable Perforated Panel

Holds up to 100 kg. A wide range of ESD Accessories can be used to supplement the panel: shelves, containers for cans and A4 papers, screwdriver holders, hooks. Shelves hold up to 40 kg. They can be installed straight or inclined. Variously-sized antistatic plastic containers will help you store components and tools.

Reliable Construction

Our rigid hardware elements provide a very reliable construction.

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