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Durable and reliable plastic or chipboard benches complement our lockers.

Locker benches

Available in 800, 1000, 1500 mm. Seat: white plastic or grey chipboard.

  • 16 mm chipboard or 10 mm plastic seats are available.
  • Durable metal frame.
  • Can be used alone or as a supplement to the lockers.
334-418 mm (depending on the model)
800, 1000, 1500 mm
285, 400 mm
Plastic seat colour:
Chipboard seat colour:

Advantages of DiKom locker benches

Quality chipboard seats

Quality chipboard seats are produced in our woodworking shop.

Modern LaserTec technologies

Our modern LaserTec technologies literally «burn in» the edges of the wood, instead of gluing them on. This way, the edges become extremely tight, which makes the product more durable.

Reliable metal base

The metal base makes the benches very reliable. Metal is resistant to mechanical damage, humidity and temperature fluctuations.

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