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About the Company

We’ve been in the market producing functional, high quality metal furniture since 1992. Our company handles large volumes of production, but quantity is not our ultimate priority. What we strive for is to create perfectly convenient, smart furniture designed for high-performance professionals in need of a timely-organized workflow.

Our values

A company’s true, long-term success is inseparable from its deeply rooted philosophy and values. These mark the factory’s development history, its work principles and team spirit.

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Integrity and respect are simple and important rules. They are as necessary in a work environment as in the family.

DiKom is a family-run business where two generations work together hand in hand. That’s why our company reflects all the basic family values.

Company History

Craftsman’s pride

Work means craftsmanship for us. Craftsmanship in its original, high sense. Despite the automation of production and constantly improving technologies, the essence of our work hasn’t changed- we believe that the quality of a crafted product speaks for its master. Therefore, the quality of our products is a matter of honour and principle for us.

A master craftsman brings constant critical assessment into his own work and strives to improve the result. That is the approach we share.

Our company principles

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Быть честным

We work with and for the people

We always keep in mind the real people who will use our furniture. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making it. This way our furniture becomes convenient and functional. Our main priority is how our products will be used, and this approach turns customer service into customer care.

Mutual care is the basis of our relations within the team. Each of our employees knows that his work and unique personal qualities are highly appreciated.

Furniture production:
from design to installation

We design our products ourselves, that’s why you will not find the likes of certain product models anywhere else. Additionally, we may modify an existing product to match your specific needs.

We take responsibility for our products after purchase, offering warranty and post-warranty service, delivery and assembly.


All the stages of manufacture — from steel cutting to packaging — take place in our workshops using the latest equipment. We are always on the lookout for the latest developments in machine tool building, in order to implement them in our work.

Each client is our priority

We work with individual clients, business clients, dealers and design organizations. Regardless of your order size — whether it’s a one-time retail purchase in our online store or regular wholesale purchases — our service quality remains unconditionally high. That’s a rule here in our company.

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