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Sloping shelves

Shelves are installed at an inclined angle. They are convenient for storing hardware containers, components, any small and necessary items. The sloping shelves make it easy to spot what’s inside.
Where to use: warehouse, shop, industry.

Advantages of DiKom sloping shelving

Reinforced frames and beams allow sections to withstand a load of up to 2.5 tons.

Multiple shelving units can be installed in a single row: the load characteristics remain unchanged.

Boxes can be loaded from both sides to optimize performance.

The lower tier can be installed on a different angle for storing empty boxes.

We also sell containers for the shelves.

ST-012 sloping: a budget solution

  • Can be supplemented with an extra row of shelving.
Maximum load per shelf:
up to 60 kg
Maximum load per section:
up to 500 kg
2000 mm
1007 mm
407 mm
 312.01 €

ST-023 sloping: a powerful solution

  • Multiple shelving units can be installed in a single row.
Maximum load per tier:
up to 400 kg
Maximum load per section:
up to 2500 kg
2000 mm
1200 mm
585 mm
from 409.87 €

Series A and B containers

We sell containers for the shelves. They can be used to store hardware and much more.

A-series containers come in a classic shape convenient for storing small bulk cargo. They are stackable, which makes them easy to store and transport.

B-series containers have a very rigid structure and can be supplemented with partitions to create separate cells. They are also stackable.

red, blue
from 2.91 €

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