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What makes us confident about our product quality?
We pay close attention to product materials and components as well as their design, and manufacture all our products on state-of-the-art European equipment. Our efficient work process ensures high performance and uninterrupted work.

Factory map

Take a virtual tour of our factory.
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Factory map

Rolling mill shop

We produce shelving units on unique European machinery. They do all the work from metal cutting to product packaging.

The machines are 56 meters long and produce 12 shelves a minute. They allow to bring human involvement down to the minimum.

Innovative technologies allow us to produce hardly any waste. Any existing metal waste, however, is recycled.

Thanks to these «monsters», we can create new models of shelving units which are stronger and designed for heavier loads, but remain economically-priced.

Blank production shop

Here the metal is turned into blanks for cabinets, drawer units and tables. The process consists of cutting, bending and punching.

Thin steel is perforated with holes and fine details on powerful automated punching machines.

Bending is done on automated and semi-automated machines.

All machines have backup to guarantee uninterrupted operation.

Welding and assembly shop

We produce not only ready-to-assemble furniture, but also welded cabinet furniture. Such furniture is exceptionally durable.

The shop has two robotic welding stations. These robots resembling prehistoric animals, provide high welding speed and accuracy.

Non-standard equipment shops

Non-standard equipment helps us make non-standard products.

These workshops include:

  • woodworking shop,
  • laser cutting shop,
  • aluminum shop.

New equipment enables us to perform complex operations with maximum precision.

Paint line

A modern paint line allows us to create furniture of various colours. That’s why it’s never boring and fits into any design.

The paint line is approximately 100 metres in length. Blanks are first prepared and dried, then sprayed with paint and put into the drying chamber.

Our wide paint spray booth is made to fit even large-size welded furniture. The final result: A smooth, uniform, and resistant finish.

The technological colouring process is strictly observed.

Final section

Cabinet shelves and racks undergo automatic thermo-packaging. The product is wrapped and sent to undergo heat treatment. After this it is durably packaged.

Cardboard packaging is manufactured on automatic European equipment. Corrugated cardboard packaging reduces the risk of product damage to a minimum.


Ready-to-assemble and welded products are neatly stored on DiKom shelving units in our warehouses.

The new factory

We are building a new production and storage complex totaling 43 thousand square metre in the village of Telman, not far from our existing factory.

Direct speech

The factory employs over 130 workers and about 70 managers and engineers. All of our staff is highly skilled. Many technicians are trained by foreign equipment suppliers.

Valeri Stogov
Chief Engineer

Equipment is like a living organism. It must be taken care of. The closer attention you pay to the condition of the machines, the better they work.

Mikhail Nazarov

In order to keep up with technology you need both talent and training. That’s why DiKom technologists are specifically trained by equipment suppliers, as well as at the factory.

Irina Dikusar
Head of Technical Quality Control

Technical Quality Control operates independently from other services here at DiKom. In order to prevent a product with the slightest defect from getting to the market, the Quality Control Department must be a wholly independent facility.

Marina Zlobina
Deputy Director for Production

A factory is a complex mechanism. One of its most important aspects is having a production process which enables high-quality products to get to the warehouse at the right time and in the right quantity. That’s what we are striving for.

As a result, we offer a wide selection of high-quality industrial, home, and office furniture.

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