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VL Tool Cabinets

Functional and reliable welded tool cabinets for storing hardware, metalware, parts, etc. Max drawer load — 80 kg, max shelf load-60 kg, max load on a set of castors — 800 kg. Accessories and additional elements will help modify the cabinet to fit your needs.

VL Tool Cabinets

Intended for storing and working with tools and equipment. Castors and handles can be added to the basic models for mobility. A tabletop or perforated panel can be installed additionally.

  • Cabinets can be installed on top of each other using a special connection kit.
  • German EURO-LOCKS locking system.
Maximum static load per drawer:
80 kg
Maximum dynamic load per drawer:
40 kg
Maximum load per shelf:
60 kg
Maximum static load per set of castors:
800 kg
Maximum dynamic load per set of castors:
400 kg
Number of drawers:
3, 4, 5, 7. A model with 2 shelves and a hinged door is also available.
600, 800, 1000 mm
565 mm
600 mm
from 322.86 €

Advantages of DiKom VL-series tool cabinets

Welded frame and drawers

The metal body is 0.8/1.2 mm thick and fully welded. Modern welding technologies provide quality and accuracy. This makes the product very rigid. It won’t tilt over when installed on uneven flooring, due to intensive exploitation, strong side impacts, etc. The drawers are also fully welded.

Reliable extension guides

Full extension drawers are supplied with ball guides.
 — Standard operating load — 80 kg (25 000 openings over 10 years of operation).
 — Dynamic load is 40 kg (50 000 openings over 10 years of operation).

German EURO-LOCKS locking system

Cabinets are equipped with German EURO-LOCKS locking systems (2000 combination secrecy).

German castors

Cabinets can be supplemented with castors. These are swivel castors; two castors are supplied with brakes. Made from oil and petrol-resistant rubber. Made in Germany. Castors are produced by the German company TENTE.

Maximum static load on 4 VL castors — 800 kg.

Maximum dynamic load on 4 Vl castors — 400 kg.

High quality coating

We coat our industrial furniture with TEKNOS (Finland) epoxy powder paint. Epoxy powder paint is more resistant to mechanical stress and aggressive fluids (electrolyte, brake fluid, solvent, etc.).

Products are painted automatically on our modern Ideal Line painting line equipped with the Wagner painting chamber (allows to quickly change paint colour).

A smart way to organize drawers

Drawers can be filled with various accessories:
— different-size cubic and cylindrical containers;
— metal partitions (drawers are specially perforated);
 — anti-slip mats of high-grade rubber resistant to aggressive liquids, scratches and damage.

Additional elements

Additional elements which will help adapt the product to your needs are available separately. The cabinet can be supplemented with a 24 mm plywood tabletop or perforated panel. Cabinets can be fitted with castors (made in Germany). In order to easily move them, a side or front handle may be installed. A connection kit can be used to mount cabinets on top of each other.

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