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Roll-out shelf racks

Designed for the safe storage of oversized and heavy cargo such as molds and various machinery in the industry or at the warehouse. The rack features roll-out shelves which allow the use of a crane for loading and unloading. They also provide direct access to the cargo.


Designed specifically for heavy loads: max. load per section-up to 4 tons, max. load per shelf-up to 500 kg.

Convenient to load and unload cargo using a crane.

Saves space in the industry and at the warehouse.

Additional sections can be installed — all the load characteristics will remain the same.

DiKom roll-out shelf rack

Individual elements are attached with bolts and nuts. Multiple additional sections can be attached to the main rack. The number of storage tiers is limited from 2 to 4.

Storage type:
heavy loads stored on shelves
2000 mm
Section width:
1808 mm
1000 mm
Maximum load per shelf:
up to 500 kg
Maximum load per section:
up to 4000 kg
Number of tiers:
from 2 to 4
Tier adjustment increments:
50 mm
concrete coating. Slope: less than 2 mm per 1000 mm in length
Shelf width:
844 mm
Shelf depth:
1020 mm
665 mm
from 2 733.52 €
Shelves can be rolled out only one at a time during operation. This is designed to prevent the rack from tipping over.

How to order the roll-out shelf racks?

The order is placed in several stages, including specialist consultation and design.

You can contact our specialists by phone or come visit our sales office. Our specialist will understand all your needs, consult you on the product assortment and fill out the order form.

Our specialists will offer you the best solution for your warehouse based on the project documents. We’ll work in accordance with your wishes, budget, timing and the characteristics of your premises.

If your total purchase price is over 30 000 rubles, all the measurements and project documentation are done free of charge.

You can pick up the product from our sales office yourself or take advantage of our delivery. We ship directly to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk. We guarantee:

  • Convenient delivery date and time;
  • Careful transportation on specially equipped vehicles;
  • Fast product replacement in case of damage during delivery.

Delivery to other cities is carried out through transport companies.

We use professional rigging to safely deliver bulk and heavy cargo. This is an additional service and is not included in standard delivery.

Most of our products are collapsible and convenient to transport. You can easily assemble one or two products yourself, but when ordering large quantities, we recommend using our professional assembly services. Correctly assembled shelving lasts longer and is safe.

We also offer installation control service. This means that our specialist will control the entire assembly process.

The roll-out shelf rack is now ready to use. But our work does not end there.

All repairs or replacements are free within the warranty period provided that the product was properly used.

Plan to buy more of our products? We can draw up an annual maintenance contract. You’ll be able to place new orders even faster and your personal manager will examine the specifics of your business all the way through.

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