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DiKom SR-series

Includes functional and convenient furniture for mechanical and electrical assembly work. Products are manufactured in regular and anti-static versions.
Where to use: workshops, regular and electronics industries.

DiKom SR-M Workstation

For mechanical and electrical work. DiKom SR-M Workstaitons can be used as light-weight but reliable and functional workbenches in workshops, schools, garages, and industries.

  • Advantageous price, functional product.
  • Mechanically height-adjustable from 665 to 965 mm (in 30 mm increments).
  • Four types of Tabletops are available: 24 mm chipboard, 24 mm chipboard covered with galvanized metal sheet, anti-static 24 mm chipboard, MDF covered with anti-static plastic.
  • May be supplemented with a perforated panel, lighting, communications box, and other accessories.
  • Metal parts are coated with oil resistant, epoxy-based paint.
  • Products come in two versions: regular industrial and antistatic.
Maximum table load:
300 kg
Maximum load on the perforated panel:
100 kg
665-965 mm
1035, 1535, 2035 mm
700 mm
from 299.04 €

SR Workstation

Workstations are used for assembling and working with electrical equipment and electronics. Made with adjustable or unadjustable supports.

  • Three options of height regulation are available: screw, manual, or electrical drive.
  • Metal parts are coated with oil resistant, epoxy-based paint.
  • German drive mechanism.
  • Two types of tabletops 24 mm general laminated chipboard (Chipboard), and anti-static 24 mm Thermopal chipboard (ESD).
Maximum table load:
250 kg
Maximum load on the perforated panel:
100 kg
Maximum load on a suspended cabinet drawer:
20 kg
screw (S), manual drive (MD), electrical drive (ED)
720-1120 mm
1000, 1500, 2000 mm
700 mm
from 627.20 €

DiKom SR Movable Tables

Used for moving equipment, tools and components at the industry. Equipped with perforated screens and shelves.

  • 4 antistatic plastic castors with a locking mechanism.
  • An electrical panel can be installed additionally.
Maximum base load:
250 kg
Maximum load per shelf:
40 kg
from 907.72 €

DiKom Modular Storage Counters

Allow to save space and store a large number of components. Made up of separate K-01/1 modules (a set of 8 drawers, 7 litres each) or K-01/2 modules (16 drawers 3.5 litres each). Swivel modular storage counters consist of 3 tiers with 4 modules each. The stationary modular storage counter consists of a single module, up to 4 tiers high.

  • Welded frame.
  • Swivel modular storage counter with 4 castors. Oil resistant plastic with locking mechanisms.
  • Equipped with plastic drawers.
  • You can assemble your own modular storage counter or choose a swivel counter.
Maximum load per swivel base:
500 kg
475 mm
Modular storage counter width:
410 mm
Modular storage counter depth:
410 mm
from 227.59 €

DiKom SR-M Trolley

The SR-M Trolley is intended for transporting goods in garages, workshops, commercial premises, and electrical industries. Manufactured in general industrial and antistatic versions.

  • Height-adjustable in increments of 30 mm.
  • Includes swivel castors, two of them equipped with brakes.
667-967 mm
775 mm
590 mm
Maximum load on the set of castors:
200 kg
Maximum load on the shelf:
100 kg
from 465.77 €

DiKom SR-series advantages

Mobile and dynamic

SR-series Workstations are height-adjustable in different ways, including an electrical drive mechanism. Modular storage counters are equipped with castors for convenience.

High-quality coating

All metal elements are coated with oil-resistant, epoxy-based paint. Products are painted using a modern automatic paint line. The process takes place in our workshops and under our personal control.


Despite its light-weight characteristics, SR-series products are very reliable. Elements are fastened using high-quality durable hardware. Frames are completely welded.

Durable perforated panel for accessories.

Holds up to 100 kg. We offer a wide variety of perforated panel accessories: shelves, containers for A4 documents and cans, tool holders. Shelves hold up to 40 kg and can be installed straight or at a slanted angle.

Unique lighting design

Energy-saving 1200 Lx. LED lighting provides the necessary illumination. You can adjust the brightness and angle of the lighting. It also includes an on/off button. The lamp has an EMC certificate which makes it suitable for electrical work. The lamp control unit is located in a separate box — it doesn’t heat up or radiate a magnetic field.

Communications box

Can be installed on or below the perforated panel. Consists of 2 or 3 compartments, depending on the panel size. Upon request, these may include special inserts with: adapters, circuit breaker, and/or an insert for air output. Inserts with adapters can be filled with sockets, switches or a set of power outlets.

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