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Modular Storage Counters

Swivel and stationary modular counters for storing various com-ponents and materials at the industry.

Modular Storage Counters

The products allow to save space and store a large number of components. Made up of separate K-01/1 modules (a set of 8 containers, 7 litres each) or K-01/2 modules (16 containers 3.5 litres each). Swivel modular storage counters consist of 3 tiers with 4 modules each. The stationary modular storage counter consists of a single module, up to 4 tiers high.

  • Welded frame.
  • Swivel modular storage counter with 4 castors made of antistatic plastic with locking mechanisms.
  • You can select swivel or stationary products.
  • You can choose regular or antistatic containers.
Maximum load on the swivel base
500 kg
Module height
475 mm
Module width
410 mm
Module Depth
410 mm
Swivel modular storage counter height
1545 mm
Swivel modular storage counter width
820 mm
Swivel modular storage counter depth
820 mm
from 227.59 €

Product Advantages

Welded Modules

The frames are welded by modern robotic welding systems. This ensures durability.

Quality coating

Metal parts are coated with oil-resistant epoxy powder paint. Processing takes place on our modern automatic painting line under strict control. The coating is durable and attractive in design.

Castors with Locking Mechanisms

The Swivel Modular Storage Counter is mounted on 4 swivel castors. Castors are made of anti-static oil-resistant rubber and are provided with locking mechanisms.

Plastic Containers Included

Products are sold in a set with plastic containers. Plastic con-tainer side width — 3mm. Containers are very durable and can be supplemented with partitions.

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