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DiKom VL-series

VL series products can be used in industries, small workshops and/or gar-ages. The products have an excellent price-quality ratio and are used for lighter industrial purposes compared to the heavy-duty VS series. However, even this «lightweight» product series is designed to be very durable. Every detail is specifically made to be functional and convenient.
Where to use: workshop, garage, industry.

VL Tool Cabinets

Intended for storing and working with tools and equipment. Castors and handles can be added to the basic models for mobility. A tabletop or perforated panel can be installed additionally.

  • Cabinets can be installed on top of each other using a special connection kit.
Maximum permissible load per drawer:
80 kg
Maximum working load per drawer:
40 kg
Maximum dynamic load per set of castors:
400 kg
Maximum static load per set of castors:
800 kg
Maximum load per shelf:
60 kg
600, 800, 1000 mm
565 mm
600 mm
from 322.86 €

DiKom VL series Workbenches

Designed for mechanical and assembly work in workshops, garages, schools, and industries. Assembled from the following modules: the tabletop is attached to supports or tool cabinets. Different types of panels, lighting, and accessories can be installed on top.

  • We offer three types of tabletops 24 mm plywood, plywood covered with galva-nized metal, plywood + 3 mm metal sheet.
Maximum workbench load:
1500 kg (depending on the configuration)
Maximum load on the perforated panel:
50 kg
Height without the perforated panel:
825 mm
1000, 1500, 2000 mm
700 mm
from 553.10 €

VL-K Workbenches

Workbenches for workshops, garages, cottages, schools. Equipped with two cabi-nets. Perforated panels, lighting and other accessories can be added.

  • Packaged in a compact briquette.
  • The tabletop is made of 24 mm plywood and covered with galvanized sheet metal.
Maximum workbench load:
200 kg
Maximum load on the perforated panel:
50 kg
830 mm
1000, 1500 mm
700 mm

DiKom VL Tool Cupboards

Tool Cupboards for industries, workshops and garages. Standard cabinet depth (625 mm) fits widespread KLT plastic containers.

  • A plywood tabletop can be installed on the VL-051 tool cupboard.
  • A budget-priced, smaller-size analogue of the VL-052 cupboards is also available.
Maximum load per drawer:
40 kg
Maximum load per shelf:
80 kg
1000, 2000, 1820 (b) mm
1024, 870 (b) mm
625, 550 (b) mm

VL-Series Advantages


The lower part of the workbenches is assembled from welded modules. Cabinet frames are completely welded. Our modern welding technologies assure the high-quality of our products.

Three types of tabletops

24mm plywood (P), 24mm plywood covered with galvanized sheet metal (GP) and 24mm plywood with a 3mm steel sheet on top (MP). All tabletops are produced in our workshop. Rigid Construction. Cabinets, Supports, the Tabletop and Perforated Panels are additionally fastened to the beam-screed. Workbench frames are assembled using heavy-duty screws which reinforce the rigidity of the frame even prior to the assembly of the tabletop.

Rigid construction

Cabinets, Supports, the Tabletop and Perforated Panels are additionally fastened to the beam-screed. Workbench frames are assembled using heavy-duty screws which reinforce the rigidity of the frame even prior to the assembly of the tabletop.

German EURO-LOCKS locking system

Doors and drawers use the EURO-LOCKS locking system (2000 combinations, made in Germany).

Reliable fittings

Drawer rail guides:

  • During regular use, max. load — 80 kg (no less than 25 000 openings over 10 years).
  • During intensive use: max. load — 40 kg (no less than 50 000 openings over 10 years).
  • Max. load on the set of castors — 400 kg.

Precise fastening

The tabletop is fastened to the workbench frame using heavy-duty screws. The lower part of the tabletops is equipped with couplings for precise and rigid fastening.

Unique lighting design

The energy-saving LED light provides 1200 Lx illuminance of the workbench surface. The angle and brightness is adjustable.

Useful accessories

Our perforated panel accessories are specifically designed for our products and fit all our models. All the accessories are fastened using hooks, without the need of using additional instruments. This makes them easy-to-use and reliable.

Smart storage

A wide variety of drawer accessories and partitions will help to easily organize your storage space. Use our partitions and anti-slip mats to always keep your drawers organized.

High-quality finish

High-quality Finish. All metal elements are coated with TEKNOS epoxy powder paint (made in Finland). The paint is resistant to mechanical stress and aggressive liquids ( electrolyte, brake fluid, chemical solvent, etc.) Products are coated with paint automatically using the «Ideal Line» paint line and the «Wagner» spray booth.

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