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VS Workbenches

VS-series workbenches hold up to 3000 kg depending on the model. Their high-quality welded metal cabinets, thick table top and sturdy design make them suitable for industrial enterprises and heavy engineering.

DiKom VS Workbenches

Designed for industrial mechanical work, they allow you to work with heavy parts and products.

  • Hold up to 3000 kg.
  • Table tops are made of solid 40 mm beech, 40 mm plywood, or steel sheet-covered plywood (40 mm + 3 mm).
  • The perforated panel can be supplemented with a communications box.
  • Filling options: one or two cabinets, hanging cabinet, no cabinets.
  • 4 options of perforated panel design.
  • Lighting, small-size cupboards and perforated panel accessories can be added optionally.
840 mm
1000, 1500, 2000 mm
700 mm
Maximum load:
up to 3000 kg
Maximum load per drawer:
100 kg. After installing an additional set of guides — 200 kg.
Maximum load per cabinet shelf:
200 kg
Maximum load on the perforated panel:
100 kg
from 579.56 €

Before purchasing our «BUK» beech tabletop, be sure to read the storage and maintenance manual. Low or high humidity as well as placement next to heat sources will negatively affect the wood. Download the manual

Advantages of DiKom VS Workbenches

Hold large loads

Depending on the model, VS workbenches hold from 1000-3000 kg. Drawers hold up to 200 kg (with 2 sets of guides installed). Shelves hold 200 kg, the perforated panel holds up to 100 kg. The indicators are achieved through the use of a thick tabletop (40 mm), welded 1.2 mm metal bollards, 2/3/4 mm metal frame, heavy-duty hardware, a rigid construction, and carefully selected components.

Heavy-duty tabletops

We offer three types of tabletops:
— 40 mm beech;
— 40 mm plywood;
— 40 mm plywood with a metal sheet (3 mm) on top.

All table tops are made of waterproof high-quality plywood (without knots), all facets are processed (i. e. all the rough edges are polished). Tabletops are covered with wax-based lacquer in two layers. The surface is polished before being covered with the second layer of lacquer.

Welded cabinets

The cabinets are fully welded. They include up to 130 points of welding and up to 250 mm of welding seam. Modern welding technologies provide quality and accuracy. This makes the product very rigid. It won’t tilt over when installed on uneven flooring, due to intensive exploitation, strong side impacts, etc.

Rigid heavy-duty construction

The frames of our workbenches are assembled using powerful bolts with self-locking nuts. This provides a very sturdy foundation for the frame even prior to installing the tabletop. The casing is welded from 1.2 mm metal. Additional elements are attached to the girder-plate.

Assembly using couplers

We secure the tabletop to the workbench frame using powerful bushings and bolts. Bushings of up to 32 pieces are installed by us — that means you just have to tighten the bolts as needed.

Communications box

Can be installed on or below the VS perforated panel. Consists of 2 or 3 compartments, depending on the panel size. Upon request, these may include special inserts with:
— adapters,
— circuit breaker,
— insert for air output.
Inserts with adapters can be filled with sockets, switches or a set of power outlets.

Unique lighting design

Energy-saving 1200 Lx. LED lighting provides the necessary illumination. You can adjust the brightness and angle of the lighting. It also includes an on/off button.

The lamp has an EMC certificate which makes it suitable for electrical work. The lamp control unit is located in a separate box — it doesn’t heat up or radiate a magnetic field.

Full extension guides

Full extension drawers are supplied with ball guides. Intensive operating load — 100 kg (supports no fewer than 50 000 openings over 10 years of operation). Drawers 150 mm and higher can be supplemented with a second rail kit. In this case, the maximum operating load increases to 200 kg.

Central lock with an anti-tilt system

All products are fitted with German EURO-LOCKS locking systems with a privacy of 2000 combinations. VS series locks have a yellow plastic cover.

— Locks and locking mechanisms are positioned in the centre of all cabinets and drawers.
— Products are equipped with an anti-tilt system (only one drawer can be opened at a time).
— All drawers close on a shared lock.

Reliable perforated panel

VS perforated panels are mounted on special stands similar to those used on our ST-031 racks. Stands are attached to the tabletop through the tie-beam using bolts.

Maximum load on VS perforated panels is 100 kg.

Thought-out accessories

Accessories are easy to install on our perforated panels. Hooks are a convenient and reliable way to fasten anything you need.

Accessories are suitable for both VL and VS series workbenches, as well as cabinet, cupboard, etc. perforated panels. These are hinged shelves, storage containers, screwdriver and wrench holders, hooks and towel holders. Accessories are equipped with non- removable latch devices.

VS panels can be supplemented with heavy-duty shelves to hold loads up to 40 kg.

A smart way to fill cabinet drawers

A smart way to fill cabinet drawers We have various products to help you organize our VL and VS series cabinet drawers.
 — Different-size cubic and cylindrical storage containers (match all standard drawers).
— Metal partitions (drawers are specially perforated).
— Anti-slip mats of high-grade rubber resistant to aggressive liquids, scratches and damage.

High quality coating

We coat our industrial furniture with TEKNOS (Finland) epoxy powder paint. Epoxy powder paint is more resistant to mechanical stress and aggressive fluids (electrolyte, brake fluid, solvent, etc.).

Products are painted automatically on our modern Ideal Line painting line equipped with the Wagner painting chamber (allows to quickly change paint colour).

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