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DiKom partitions for drawers and cabinets

20 july 2018

We launched sales of metal partitions for the formation of cells in the drawers of tool cabinets and cabinets made by DiKom. Partitions, together with plastic trays and rubber mats, form an integrated storage system that complies with the modern principles of 5S workspace organization.

Partitions are equipped with a plastic pocket for the label. Sold in sets of 10 pcs.

The dimensions of the partitions correspond to the standard sizes of DiKom tool cabinets and cabinet drawers. In accordance with the international standards, the unit of calculation — E = 17 mm — has been adopted.

In depth partitions are made with

  • length — d27E (459 mm, standard size 01/02), d36E (612 mm, standard size 07),
  • height h75, h100, h150, h200, h250, h300.

Widthwise partitions are made with

  • length w6E (102 mm), w9E (153 mm), w12E (204 mm), w18E (306 mm), w27E (459 mm),
  • height h75, h100, h150, h200, h250, h300.

Learn more about the grid size and the box filling system.

Partitions in the online store

dikom-peregorodki-1.jpg dikom-peregorodi-2.jpg

Sample filling of VS cabinet drawers


In depth partitions d27E for VL series cabinet drawer


Label pockets are included

Sample filling of the drawer with partitions and trays
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