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DiKom tool cabinets of VL-035 and VL-037 series

02 august 2018

Long-awaited wide tool cabinets of size 03 enhanced the popular range of DiKom VL series instrumental tool cabinets. DiKom tool cabinets of VL-035 and VL-037 series are 1024 mm wide.

The remaining technical characteristics are similar to the tool cabinets of DiKom VL:

  • recommended drawer load — 40 kg
  • maximum load on the drawers — 80 kg
  • depth — 600 mm
  • welded cases and drawers
  • full extension drawers
  • German EURO-LOCKS (2000 combinations) lock

Tool cabinets can be mounted on castors, supplemented with a tray, a tray with a panel and a tabletop.

Tool cabinet DiKom VL-035 in DiKom online store

Tool cabinet DiKom VL-037 in DiKom online store


Tool cabinet DiKom VL-035 with castors, a tray with a panel and a side handle.


Tool cabinet DiKom VL-037 with castors, a tray and side handle.

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